Romero is the best broker I worked with. Since moving to Seattle I worked with 4 different brokers and none of them were close to being as effective as he was. He truly listen to customers. Unlike all the other brokers I interacted with who only listen to themselves. He was able to find the perfect home for us on first try (and we are picky), after meeting us briefly. Because he listens, he is able to read people well and make good recommendations. He was able to get us our dream home off the market where nobody else we worked with could (although they were in business for 20+ years)... He is truly a gem and an asset. My family and I are so grateful we met him and we are looking forward to staying friends with him. He really is the best broker in Seattle as far as we are concerned. Very genuine and trustworthy. Which really lacks in a heated market like Seattle. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to buy a home.

~ Sylvie ~


This is my 5th home and it was the easiest real estate transaction from the agent/seller/buyer perspective.

~ Steve ~

Starting Point

As a first time home buyer Romero Magallan was very patient and extremely professional with me.

~ Anthony ~